11 - 13 JANUARY 2019
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Saigon Swing Cats are proud to present Saigon Swing Fest - a weekend of fun activities, workshops, parties and dance battles to live band, with aim to promote swing dancing to all in Saigon, Vietnam.
Vincenzo Fesi
Katja Završnik
Pamela Gaizutyte
Felix Berghall
Sài Gòn Swing Fest 2018 featured on HTV (Hochiminh Television)
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From SSF 2018
Vu Nguyen
I felt so lucky to have the first swing dance festival experience at SSF. Dancing live to Hot Sugar Band, learning with amazing teachers, partying with lovely new swing dancing friends in great venues altogether produced such magic that make me fall in love with swing dancing harder, as well as bigger inspiration to give back to and grow my local dance scene.
Isabelle Yeung
Having danced in the UK and Asia, SSF was my first impression of Vietnam and instantly made Saigon my favourite dance scene after the weekend. The locals were super friendly and open, esp. at the after parties at Hard Rock Café, aided by the incredible live swing music from the band. The organisers created an all-in-all a welcoming and personal atmosphere with caring teachers, fun competitions that dancers of any level would enjoy.
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